The Gold Standard is a workplace- based program that focuses on lowering the risk of cancer.
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The Life Sciences Consortium (LSC) brings together oncology companies to accelerate discovery and development of new therapies for all cancer patients. Visit Website

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CEO Cancer Gold Standard

The CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ is a workplace-based wellness accreditation program that provides a framework for employers to lower the risk of cancer, detect it early, and ensure access to high-quality care.  

In order to become Gold Standard-accredited, employers must meet a series of requirements that are based on up-to-date scientific evidence. The requirements encompass providing coverage for certain benefits as well as fostering a culture of wellness whereby employees are encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices. 

The CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ focuses on five critical areas, known as the Five Pillars

Pillar #1  Prevention

  • Tobacco-Free Workplace
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Weight
  • Vaccines

Pillar #2  Screening

Pillar #3  Cancer Clinical Trials

Pillar #4  Quality Treatment and Survivorship

Pillar #5  Health Education and Health Promotion

For each area of focus, or pillar, CEO Cancer Gold Standard organizations:

  • Sustain a culture that values, supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides the support needed when a diagnosis of cancer becomes a reality
  • Offer benefits and programs that help to prevent cancer, detect it earlier and provide access to high-quality treatment, including cancer clinical trials. 

Please visit www.cancergoldstandard.com for much more information about the Gold Standard, including how to apply for accreditation.

Life Sciences Consortium

The Life Sciences Consortium (LSC) was formed in 2005 by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer as a means of bringing together leading oncology pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies to build collaboration in cancer drug development. The goal of these collaborations is a transformation in research and development that will effectively deliver new agents to prevent and treat cancer to people who need them and fulfill the promise of our emerging understanding of cancer biology. This collaboration focuses on exploring and solving issues common to all cancer companies engaged in drug discovery and development that cannot be solved by any company alone. Please visit www.ceo-lsc.org for much more information about the Life Sciences Consortium and its progress.