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Martin J. Murphy, DMedSc, PhD, FASCO

Chief Executive Officer, CEO Roundtable on Cancer
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, AlphaMed Consulting

Martin J. Murphy, Jr., Ph. D., DMedSc is Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AlphaMed Consulting, Inc., which provides strategic support for cancer drug development programs of academic centers, global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Founding Executive Editor of the 19-year-old peer-reviewed journal The Oncologist, he is also the Founding Executive Editor of both Stem Cells, a 31-year-old journal of stem cell biology, and the three-year-old journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine.

Dr. Murphy was founder and former CEO of the Hipple Cancer Research Center, and the NIH principal investigator and author of more than 150 peer-reviewed papers. Co-founder of the Society for Translational Oncology, he is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Hatteras Venture Partners, a charter member of the International Advisory Board of the VU University Medical Imaging Center, and a charter member of Queen’s University-Belfast School of Medicine International Review Board. He is Chairman Emeritus of the Conquer Cancer Foundation of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, convener of Advanced Clinical Trials-China, and Steering Committee Member and Senior Consultant of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology.

Dr. Murphy is a member of the National Cancer Policy Forum of the Institute of Medicine of the United States National Academy of Sciences, director of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, and charter member and vice chairman of C-Change, founded by former President George H. W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush.