What are the initiatives of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer?

The CEO Roundtable on Cancer currently has two Task Forces: The CEO Cancer Gold Standard (“Gold Standard”) Task Force and the Life Sciences Consortium (“LSC”) Task Force. The CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ created by the Member CEOs in 2004, is a comprehensive, workplace-based initiative that encourages state-of-the-science prevention, early diagnosis and quality treatment. The Life Sciences Consortium (LSC) was formed in 2005 as a means of bringing together leading oncology pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies to build collaboration in cancer drug development. The goal of these collaborations is a transformation in research and development that will effectively deliver new agents to prevent and treat cancer to people who need them and fulfill the promise of our emerging understanding of cancer biology. This collaboration focuses on exploring and solving issues common to all cancer companies engaged in drug discovery and development that cannot be solved by any company alone.