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Empowering Communities to Accelerate Health


10:30 am -- Registration opens at SAS Executive Briefing Center  (EBC)

11:00 am - 12:45 pm – Images & Algorithms Closed Meeting

11:00 am – 12:45 pm – Going for Gold Partners Invitation Only Meeting

Noon – Lunch at SAS EBC

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm – GENERAL SESSION: Accelerating Health Access Through Data Analytics (EBC 250 Auditorium) 

Our speakers will seek to demystify data in health equity through collaborations to improve health outcomes for all. This session will seek transparency to identify gaps, overlaps and next steps and how to strategically and swiftly preempt future challenges.

Panels of experts from corporations, government and non-profit agencies, health systems and higher education will each share their vantage point and culminate with a discussion of where partnerships can go from here and ways the CEO Roundtable on Cancer and Project Data Sphere can support the work.

MODERATOR: Norman E. "Ned" Sharpless, MD, Co-CEO, Jupiter Bioventures

Welcome, outline of the day, update on Project Data Sphere – Jon McDunn, PhD,  Executive Director, Evidence Generation Research and Strategic Alliance Development at Project Data Sphere

Panel 1: Government and Non-Profit Initiatives

  • Dana Dornsife, Founder & Chief Mission and Strategy Officer, Lazarex Cancer Foundation
  • Susanna Greer, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, The V Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Gary Puckrein, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Minority Quality Forum

Panel 2: Corporate Initiatives

Panel 3: Health Systems and Higher Education

Where We Go From Here

MODERATOR: Souparno Bhattacharya, PhD, Senior Knowledge Analyst, Biopharma R&D, Boston Consulting Group

5:30-6:30 pm – Networking reception and Registration – Umstead Hotel

6:30-8:30 pm – Dinner, recognition, and awards 

  • Remarks by Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD, Director, National Cancer Institute
  • Recognitions 
  • Dr. Charles A. Sanders Life Sciences Award and Spirit of Health Award Presentations


7:00 am – Registration opens at SAS Executive Briefing Center

8 am – Noon – Members’ Hospitality Business Suite (Boardroom 6)

8:00 am – Welcome -- Robert A. Ingram, Founding Chairman and current Board member, CEO Roundtable on Cancer; and General Partner, Hatteras Venture Partners

8:10 am – 8:30 am -- Call to Action: John Williams, MD, FACS, President's Cancer Panel, Chair - President’s Cancer Panel Report: Connecting People, Communities, and Systems to Improve Equity and Access

8:30 am - 9:10 am – Keynote -- Report from the Frontlines on the State of Our Fight to End Cancer: Peter WT Pisters, MD, MHCM, President of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center - Making Cancer History®

9:10-9:30 am Break 

9:35 - 10:20 am – Accelerating Health – Our Leadership Role – It should be in every company’s DNA to address the cancer burden. This session will help to construct the corporate responsibility and community role for advancing improved health outcomes for all, beginning with our oncology focus.

MODERATOR: Jude Ngang, PharmD, MBA, Executive Director Representation in Clinical Research, Amgen

10:25-11:10 – Addressing the Global Cancer Burden – The fight against cancer is global. How is the fight similar and different at the global level versus the US national level when it comes to screening, prevention, diagnosis, access to care, applying the Gold Standard to ensure a holistic approach to wellness, etc.

MODERATOR: Sean Khozin, MD

  • Tracy Baroni Allmon, JD, Vice President, Global Access and Reimbursement Policy, Takeda Oncology
  • Craig Tendler, MD, Vice President Oncology Clinical Development & Global Medical Affairs, Janssen Research & Development, LLC
  • Victoria Zazulina, MD, Senior Vice President, Head of Development Unit Oncology, Merck KGaA

11:10-11:30  Break

11:35 am - 12:15 pm – Lessons from the Pandemic on Health Disparities in the US – How can we do better?

  • Otis Brawley, MD, MACP, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University
  • Stephen M. Hahn, MD, CEO, Harbinger Health; CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering; Former Director, US Food and Drug Administration.

12:15 pm - 1:00 pm -- How Venture Capatilists are Accelerating Innovation in Oncology

MODERATOR:  Stephen M. Hahn, MDCEO, Harbinger Health; CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering; Former Director, US Food and Drug Administration.

1 - 2 pm – Networking and Lunch, SAS Cafe