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Randy Trice

Chief Executive Officer

Randy Trice is a man with a straightforward demeanor, and he's made his mark at Alphanumeric Systems Inc., where each day brings new challenges. He leads this global company by having plans for every situation; empowering employees to execute those goals efficiently (and always over-deliver); while maintaining great relationships all along the way - which helps them stay motivated when things get tough! 

Trice's decades of experience in business consulting and executive management started with a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, where he focused primarily on finance. 

As CEO, Trice leads the way in transforming the patient experience and improving brand loyalty for pharmaceutical customers. He is passionate about using technologies like AI to improve healthcare services around the world while making life easier through digital transformation solutions at Alphanumeric's global contact centers—all aimed toward one goal: improving the human experience. 

Trice is an expert at establishing operational excellence and transforming conceptual strategies into growth markets. He's made sure that the company operates with a high level of customer satisfaction, maintaining its near-perfect CSAT score for several years now as well. Since joining Alphanumeric, Trice has successfully led Alphanumeric to grow 3x in revenue and into 8 new countries in less than 5 years: and he’s far from finished. 

CEO Cancer Gold Standard™

Gold Standard  Employer

Gold Standard Employer Since 2022


It's great to be able to say that we are among the leaders in our industry when it comes down not only to execution but also to policy and procedure- two things that set us apart. The accreditation is an honorable nod towards the caliber of people we work with in the pharma and life sciences spaces in North Carolina and globally. 

— Randy Trice


Alphanumeric helps life science companies remove the friction from the HCP, patient, and employee experience. We do this by adding a digital transformation of the Healthcare Professional (HCP) & patient experience, global contact centers powered by AI and talent, omni-channel strategy, localization efforts, and more. Whether you are focused on clinical trials, acquisition, or adherence, Alphanumeric can help. We believe that no matter how great your vision, it is the people who will make that vision a reality.