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EMD Serono

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Rehan J. Verjee

President of EMD Serono and Global Head of the Innovative Medicine Franchises, and Member of the Healthcare Executive Committee, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

As President of EMD Serono, Rehan leads the North American pharmaceutical operations of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. EMD Serono’s approved medicines treat cancer, relapsing MS, infertility, and endocrine disorders. Over the last year, EMD Serono has garnered three new FDA approvals for its medicines: a novel mechanism to treat patients with active relapsing MS; a novel combination to treat patients with advanced kidney cancer; and the first immune therapy to prolong survival in front-line advanced bladder cancer.

As the Global Head of the Innovative Medicines franchises, Rehan leads the specialty medicines effort globally across oncology and immune-mediated diseases. In this capacity, he works with R&D to advance the most promising candidates through stages of clinical development, to acquire new medicines and technologies of strategic interest, to partner, to externalize candidates that would be best served by a different enterprise, and to enable introduction of new medicines into healthcare systems across the globe. Rehan co-chairs the global alliance with Pfizer for a PDx cancer immune therapy, drove creation of the alliance with GSK for a novel bi-functional fusion protein with potential across cancers where TGF-beta is thought to play a  determining role (a deal valued at up to 3.7BN EUR), and drove the acquisition of the Vertex DNA damage and response portfolio.
Rehan holds a master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford in the U.K, joining the company in 2004 and joining the management team in 2015 as an Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer.

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Task Force Member(s): Ellen Spencer, Manager, Office of the President

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Task Force Member(s): Zhen Su, MD, MBA, Vice President of Medical Oncology

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Founding Member, CEO Roundtable on Cancer - China

EMD Serono

We are the biopharmaceutical division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. We focus exclusively on specialty care - integrating cutting-edge science with industry-leading patient support.

At EMD Serono, we recognized the potential of specialty pharmaceuticals and patient care long ago, and have been dedicated to delivering on their promise ever since.

We have a legacy of both trying to find solutions to hard to treat conditions, as well as developing patient assistance programs that help ensure that those who need our therapies are able to access them.

As one of the top five U.S. companies exclusively focused on specialty care, we see our innovation as a matter of balancing science with emotion – integrating our top minds in research and development with the insights from patients and health care practitioners confronting real- world concerns.