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CEO Roundtable on Cancer-China

The CEO Roundtable on Cancer-China, now known as the Shanghai TuoXin Health Promotion Center, was registered as the first-of-its-kind non-governmental organization (NGO) in China, on December 9, 2015, approved by Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau (Certificate No.: 5231000034149110A) to bring the CEO Cancer Gold Standard’s employer-led health and wellness model to China.

The CEO Roundtable was introduced to China thanks to President George H.W. Bush’s referral to H.E. Dr. YANG Jiechi (杨洁篪). Following that introduction in 2012, China’s then Minister of Health, His Excellency Professor CHEN Zhu (陈竺), invited the CEO Cancer Gold Standard model to China, bringing together action-oriented chief executives who have accepted the challenge to be “bold and venturesome” in considering the health of their employees and thus helping to prevent cancer by encouraging wise life-style choices. 

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