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Upcoming Events

Accelerate Health Webinar Series -- January -- March 2022 (Dates TBA)

  • Health Summit -- This 1-hour webinar will feature an orientation for universities and corporations in the HBCU-HSI partnership.
  • Glioblastoma: Innovative Data Re-Use to Accelerate Evidence Generation for New Medicines -- This 45-minute virtual panel will focus on recent efforts in glioblastoma to apply external controls in adaptive clinical trials and to help interpret results from early phase cell therapy trials. The target audience includes: medical oncologists, clinical development specialists, trialists, data scientists, pharma leaders, patients, and patient advocates.
  • “Going for Gold” – Gold Standard Application Orientation -- An overview of the application submission process. Documentation, videos and reference material to help you succeed. Who should attend? Gold Standard contacts responsible for completing the online application. This includes new Gold Standard applicants and current Gold Standard contacts responsible for completing re-accreditation.
  • Addressing Workplace Health Burdens Post Pandemic -- Addressing the pandemic’s impact on oncology; how workplaces will need to adjust to account for waning early detection and prevention practices since and during the pandemic. This session is for Gold Standard HR and benefits contacts as well as current and aspiring Gold Standard organizations.
  • Putting Data to Work: Dissecting Health Disparities -- Highlight what data exists on health disparities, what are the gaps in data and discussion of how those gaps could be closed and/or existing data better used to implement change that addresses the disparities. Discussion will target universities and companies working with the CEO Roundtable on Cancer, our Gold Standard and Project Data Sphere as well as others interested in health equity and partnering to reduce inequities.
  • Frontiers in Pediatric Oncology: Starting with the Data We Have -- This 45-minute virtual panel will focus on the future of pediatric oncology in the era of the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative. Our panel will focus on how clinicians are using real world data to improve clinical care of kids with cancer and bring new medicines to areas of great need. Discussion is designed for: oncologists, clinical development specialists, trialists, data scientists, regulators, analysts, policy wonks, pharma leaders, patients, caregivers, and patient advocates.
  • Elevating the Importance of Healthy Workplaces -- Fighting the nation’s second leading cause of death, cancer, is a smart move. Learn how the Gold Standard Framework can save and improve lives. Designed for: Senior (C-Suite) leadership including Chief Medical Officers, Chief Wellness Officers, Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officers. 
  • Shaping Diverse VC Portfolios -- Information-sharing session about the venture capital ecosystem involving VC representatives, life science companies and HBCUs/HSIs.