(From left) Dr. Martin J. Murphy, Dr. Sean Khozin, Robert A. Bradway.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Oncology Center of Excellence was honored as the recipient of the 2017 Charles A. Sanders Life Sciences Award, which was accepted by Sean Khozin, MD, MPH, Associate Director (Acting), FDA Oncology Center of Excellence.

Examples of collaborative endeavors with the FDA broadly and its Oncology Center of Excellence, led by Dr. Richard Pazdur specifically, include: a first-of-its kind Letter of Support for Project Data Sphere, LLC encouraging industry sponsors and academic centers to voluntarily share their de-identified patient-level data from adult and pediatric cancer clinical trials and other research studies; the ongoing FDA-Project Data Sphere, LLC Symposia, collaborative, working meetings which enable continued research progress through data sharing and collaboration, and;  co-authoring, together with other academic and industry researchers, a Sounding Board article published in the New England Journal of Medicine calling on organizations to share cancer clinical trial data with global researchers in a responsible way to advance cancer research for patient benefit.

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