Share the Story, Not Just the Data

2023-12-05T11:19:25-06:00December 5, 2023|

Project Data Sphere encourages all organizations that share data sets as part of this vital initiative to communicate this news to their internal and external communities through social media and more traditional communication channels. Through this outreach, we strongly believe [...]

De-identification Strategy Example

2023-12-05T11:18:48-06:00December 5, 2023|

Many organizations have developed their own policies regarding data de-identification and/or anonymization.  For those organizations seeking guidance, the following paper may prove to be a valuable resource: De-identification Guidance.

Becoming a Data Provider

2024-02-22T11:08:20-06:00December 5, 2023|

As the concept of data sharing matures across the clinical research community, organizational data sharing processes continue to evolve. To that end, the team at Project Data Sphere stands ready to work with your organization to streamline the delivery of [...]

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