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Review, Results & Feedback


  • Applications for accreditation must be completed online.
  • Applications are accepted through-out the year on an ongoing basis.
  • Submitted applications are reviewed by the Accreditation Review Board (ARB)
  • The ARB considers an organization’s size, industry and unique culture when evaluating the application.


CEO Cancer Gold Standard

If the organization satisfies the baseline requirements outlined in the Five Pillars, the ARB makes a recommendation for Gold Standard accreditation to the CEO Roundtable on Cancer Chairman.

CEO Cancer Gold Standard with Distinction

If the breadth of health and well-being offerings reflected in the application exceed the baseline requirements and demonstrate uncommon benefits as well as innovative policies and programs, the ARB may make a recommendation for Gold Standard with Distinction to the CEO Roundtable on Cancer Chairman.


Upon approval, a notification letter will be sent to the applying organization’s Chief Executive Officer from the Chairman of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer.


Custom Roadmap to Distinction

  • All organizations that earn Gold Standard accreditation are taking exceptional health and well-being measures that enable and empower employees, families, and communities to live longer and healthier lives.
  • Gold Standard applicants can gain valuable insight into where their organization shines and where more work could be done when compared to their Gold Standard peers.
  • Using historic and comparative data collected from previous application submissions, and the collective experience of the Accreditation Review Board, a custom roadmap is being developed.