High Point University has earned CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation by the CEO Roundtable on Cancer for its commitment to the health of its employees, students and campus community.

“Here at HPU, we place a high priority on employee wellness because a happy person is a healthy person,” says HPU President Dr. Nido Qubein. “We prepare our students for the world as it is going to be, and to do that, we need our faculty and staff to be their best every day. We are committed to supporting the health of our employees.”

The CEO Roundtable on Cancer, a nonprofit organization of CEOs, founded by former President George H.W. Bush, created the Gold Standard to recognize employers for taking exceptional health and wellness measures on behalf of their employees and family members.

“We are delighted to recognize High Point University as one of the only east coast universities to earn this accreditation,” says Robert A. Bradway, chairman of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer and chairman and CEO of Amgen. “This accomplishment reflects HPU’s commitment to advancing the health of its employees, students, and greater campus community as it prepares the next generation of leaders across all academic programs, including pharmacists, physician assistants and physical therapists.”

HPU is one of the first universities on the east coast to earn this accreditation, an accomplishment that’s especially meaningful because the university is preparing the next generation of pharmacists, physician assistants and physical therapists. HPU joins more than 200 companies to achieve this that represent more than seven million lives covered. Employers are keenly aware of the positive impact they can have on health and controlling health care costs when they take steps to address cancer and other chronic diseases.

“This accreditation highlights the importance of HPU’s investment in the lives of faculty and staff,” says Melissa Marion, director of HPU’s Employee Wellness Program. “High Point University understands that innovation and an extraordinary education cannot happen without the dedication of caring people who feel good and have the energy to give and be their best self each day.”

HPU’s Employee Wellness Program offers holistic programming open to all staff and faculty, who can earn points for completing various wellness activities offered on campus. They have access to free annual health screenings, health seminars, an employee 5K run, health coaching, nutrition counseling and a fitness facility. The program also provides resources to encourage healthy approaches to nutrition, stress, sleep and weight management.

To earn Gold Standard accreditation, an employer must establish programs to reduce cancer risk by taking concrete actions in five key areas: emphasize prevention by prohibiting tobacco use and supporting tobacco cessation efforts; promoting healthy lifestyles through physical activity, healthy nutrition and weight management; providing health insurance options that encourage detection of cancer at its earliest stages, ensure access to quality care, and allow participation in cancer clinical trials; promoting employee awareness of these initiatives; and supporting the needs of cancer survivors in the workplace.

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