Researchers who have not logged on to the Project Data Sphere data platform recently are invited to check out all the improvements we’ve been making to respond to user feedback. Data accessed via the platform has contributed to at least 138 peer-reviewed publications and 15 associated with research programs.

There are new resources on the platform including an instructional video published by Cytel, statistical software developer and contract research organization, about synthetic controls planning and best practices (leveraging data from platform).

Navigation has been improved on the data access page. A new search feature includes keyword highlighting and expanded search fields. There also is improved organization of data within cancer areas and tumor types and improved visibility to National Cancer Institute studies thanks to the addition of study sponsors to navigation bar.

The data repository has been expanded to accommodate real world data with the first open access RWD contribution by Asociación Colaboración Cochrane Iberoamericana (ACCIb). Also SAS Life Science Analytics Framework (LSAF) has published and shared survival analysis across a set of pancreatic cancer trials (Clovis, Celgene, Sanofi, EMD Serono).

More information on the data platform is available from Holly Smith, MBA, PMP, Director, Data Sharing Products & Platform, at

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