Best and Promising Practices: Vaccine-Preventable Cancers

Recent changes to the Gold Standard have been made to expand its reach and impact. Our priority is to encourage more employers from diverse industries, sectors and geographies to earn accreditation and improve the health outcomes for their employees, families and communities. To that end, we are building out the resources and tools available within the Gold Standard Application Portal and are working to create a best & promising practices library highlighting effective employer engagement and communication strategies for the various Gold Standard requirements.

Our focus begins with Vaccine Preventable Cancers. Two vaccines have been proven to help lower the risk of cancer. During summer and fall of 2022 the CEO Roundtable on Cancer worked with various subject matter experts from industry, academia and government to ensure the information and resources shared with the Gold Standard Community are current, effective and relevant. Login to the no-cost Gold Standard Application Portal to view the complete collection of resources.

Best and Promising Practices