Brand Institute

With gratitude for our remarkable and loyal clientele, Brand Institute has achieved the distinction of being the global leader in pharmaceutical and healthcare-related name and brand identity development. We are honored to have partnered on a portfolio of over 4,600 marketed healthcare brand names and 1,600 USAN/INN (nonproprietary names). This includes over 75 percent of pharmaceutical brand and nonproprietary name approvals globally every year. In the field of oncology alone, we have developed over 850 brand and nonproprietary names, catering to a wide spectrum of clients, from start-up biotech firms to esteemed global pharmaceutical conglomerates. Our success is a direct result of the trust and collaboration of over 1,400 valued clients.

In addition to creating names for pharmaceutical products, Brand Institute has vast experience in developing company names (for new companies as well as rebranding existing ones), clinical trial names, medical device names, OTC product names, technology names, and program names. Our portfolio of services includes name development, trademark searches, market research, visual identity, and regulatory solutions.

Brand Institute’s regulatory services are provided through its wholly owned subsidiary, Drug Safety Institute, which is composed of former regulatory naming officials from global government health agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency, Health Canada, American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization. These experts offer industry-leading guidance and services related to drug name safety (i.e., preventing medication errors), packaging, and labeling.