Pillar 1: Health Education and Navigation

Just as critical as employer-provided health benefits, policies and programs, is the need for employees to understand, access and navigate those offerings. It’s also critical that communication and engagement strategies be tailored to meet the needs of different employee populations.

Key Requirements

  • Ensure employees can understand, access and navigate health resources to enable and encourage appropriate behavior.
  • Ensure health education and navigation communications and resources are sensitive to the social, economic and cultural conditions affecting different employee populations.

Application Notes

We understand that each organization has unique strategies to manage the format, timing, frequency, and method of internal employee communications.

The goal of the application is not to dictate the method of delivery, but to ensure specific health and well-being topics are included in the overall communications plan.

Simply check only those that apply. It is not expected or necessary for you to select all the options listed. Small organizations may simply rely on communications and resources shared by their health benefits provider, while larger organizations supplement this with an Employee Assistance Program or their own dedicated resources.

As part of the review and feedback process, a comparative analysis will provide insight into how your organization’s communication strategies compare to similar organizations.